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Pornographic materials are not allowed on Eidok.

Hate speech

Eidok doesn’t allow content that promotes violence or hates speech against individuals or groups, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, physical disability, and religion.

Spam activities

This refers to any content that is excessively posted, repetitive content which may include text which redirect users to some other sites or try to sell something. Such activities and content are not allowed on the platform.

Fake followers and "Follow for Follow" programs or schemes

Using "sub for sub" and/or fake subscriber programs or schemes to increase channel subscribers is strongly discouraged. Your channel could get permanently suspended. Also, before any channel is monetized, it is carefully scrutinized to ensure that all requirements are adhered to. If your channel subscribers are discovered to be fake or part of a "sub for sub" scheme or program, it will not be monetized. We encourage creators to focus on building engaging content that fosters genuine interactions within the community.


Scams and other deceptive practices that mislead Eidok viewers/community are not allowed on the platform.


Content that promotes any kind of weapons, firearms, sell any of those, guidance on how to assemble or make such material are not allowed on the platform.

Illegal activities

Content that encourages dangerous or illegal activities which may include challenges or pranks that pose imminent risk of physical injury are not allowed on Eidok.

Illegal marketing

Content which encourages or directly promotes the sale of illegal materials are not allowed on Eidok. Such items may include forbidden drugs/narcotics, stolen credit card numbers/passwords, any kind of personal finanical information etc. (including but not limited to copyright laws)

False news

The dissemination of false news is not allowed on Eidok. All uploaded content is subject to moderation.

Short videos

Short videos which deliver little value may be removed from Eidok. Generally, uploaded videos should have a minimum duration of one (1) minute to be considered to be a video of value. Videos which do not meet this minimum criteria shall be moderated and removed where necessary.

Eidok reserves the sole right to suspend or remove user accounts, channels, videos, comments, etc. on the platform which do not conform to the community guidelines. Furthermore, we are firmly committed to ensuring that you enjoy your experience as you use the platform to share your content with the world.