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7 EU countries summon China ambassadors; U.S. Trade groups: end Uyghur oppression in China

1 Views· 08/30/23
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping

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Seven countries in Europe summon Chinese ambassadors for talks. The requests come as more backlash unfolds over Chinese-EU sanctions.

A European company and U.S. trade groups resist forced labor in Xinjiang. The effort triggers a boycott in China.

China's foreign ministry spokeswoman adds more fuel to the sanction-driven flame. This, as the head of a Chinese state-run media outlet offers a suggestion for tackling Beijing’s aggression.

China's possible invasion into Taiwan could happen sooner than expected. That’s according to the head of the U.S. Navy in the Indo-Pacific.
That’s as a new Beijing military campaign demands loyalty from its soldiers.

And, a cigarette butt found in a bowl of noodles. A Chinese Internet celebrity gets pulled into a food safety scandal.

00:00 Intro
00:54 7 EU countries summon China ambassadors
01:50 H&M boycotted in China over old post on Xinjiang
03:10 U.S. Trade groups: end Uyghur oppression in China
04:00 New youtube channels praise Xinjiang
05:19 Beijing: China is not to be messed with
06:23 Senator Sullivan on China's vulnerabilities
08:29 State-media editor suggests how to beat Beijing
09:34 China could invade Taiwan soon: U.S. admiral
10:39 Chinese military to get party loyalty lessons
11:47 Chinese online celebrity faces food safety scandal
14:14 China's use of foreigners to shape global image
16:26 Baidu makes subdued debut on HK stock exchange
18:03 Tencent boss meets antitrust agents: report
19:12 Airbnb asked to drop Olympics sponsorship
20:21 Pompeo: 'America in decline' is untrue
22:17 Efforts to end CCP's forced organ harvesting

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7 EU countries summon China ambassadors; U.S. Trade groups: end Uyghur oppression in China
#ForcedLabor #EUSanctions #ChinaTaiwanTension
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